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Hi! I originally opened this website to share tips and tricks on how to successfully execute large events. I've had a change of heart and would rather share my life with you all in hopes of inspiring young, working moms like me. 

About Me: 

My name is Alma Perez. I married a wonderful, hardworking man and together we have 2 amazing children. I currently juggle a full time job, house life and I'm a #DanceMom. Though, if you made me pick, I'd rather be the dancer. I don't do such a great job in keeping a tight home, or juggling my kids extra curricular activities without dropping the ball here and there. (Hey - I'm normal! It happens to everyone.) I try to be fit and pay a $159 gym subscription to OrangeTheory. I'm pointing it out because I have not made it to 1 class in the past month. I've promised my OTF friends that I would make it to every class in September. 

Nonetheless, fitness and clean eating are always on top of my mind. Let me be real though, I am the first to accept an invitation to a Mexican restaurant for some cheesy enchiladas or Mexican 'tacos'. Who doesn't love Mexican food? 

If you've read this far, I just want to thank you for taking the time to read this 1st post. I'm just your average girl from South Texas. I live by 3 rules, 1. God is above everything and anything, 2. Spend as much time with your family as you can. You never know when they'll be gone. 3. Have friends. I know plenty of people who get married and are so caught up with making ends meet that they forget to stop and take a breather. I LOVE the few friends I have. Someone once told me to surround myself with people who lift you. Do it! It'll make a difference. I'm a huge believe in God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit. My life is driven by the H.S. and it's a HUGE roller coaster that I wouldn't change for the world. 

This is me. 


Change is in the Air

Change is in the Air